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Water Jet Cutting Machine TJYD Series

This Water Jet has omnipotent cutting functions. It is used for any place curve cutting

1.The water jet has omnipotent cutting functions. lt is used for any plane curve cutting.

2.Reinforce machine tool assures the cutting head does not vibrate during fast moving. The operation is steady , with fast cutting speed and high precision.

3.The ballscrews and rails are provided by renowned Germany manufacturers.The X and Y axis applyunique oil immersion lubrication, together with water-proof and dirt-proof structures.So as to assure the processing precision of the machine and prolong the life of the screws and guide rails furthest.

4.The cutting head is equipped with reliable pneumatic high pressure water switch , which enhances the efficiency.

5.The unique sand valve design enables smoother flow of the sand, more convenient cleaning  .And the prevention of the water leakage.

6.The stainless steel protection cover is dirt-proof , water-proof,rust-proof, erosion-proof,and convenient for cleaning, keeping the work table bright all year.

7.There is Flying-arm or Bridge type of structure for working table, with Step System or AC Servo System for CNC Controller.



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