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Crawler-type Hydraulic Drill Rig

TJGS-A90-1H Crawler-type Hydraulic Drill Rig is mainly used for drilling holes of rock blasting works and drilling vertical holes in stone quarries.

1.Scientific and reasonable design, reliable quality, high working efficiency and low operation cost.

2.Manual control and long distance remote control, easy operation, safe and reliable.

3.Crawler-type movement has strong climbing ability, applicable to all kinds of landform.

4. The horizontal frame of rock drill is equipped with swinging oil cylinder, which can meet the requirements of different position drilling operation.

5.Build-in dust collector can minimize the impact of stone powder on the environment.

6.Equipped with self-developed BCY-90 Hydraulic Rock Drill, high drilling efficiency, long service life and easy maintenance, 800mm-1500mm/min on different stone material.

Drilling depth12m
Hole diameterØ32/Ø45mm
Drilling speed800-1400mm/min
Impact force≤15Mpa
Blowing air pressure≥4kg/cm²
Cylider stroke1.5m
Engine power74kW
Travel speed≤4km/h


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