Joint Strategic Cooperation Agreement Between Xiamen Eastern Pegasus Co., Ltd., China Stone Machinery & Tools Industries Alliance and Yingke Venseco Engourages Chinese Enterprises toGo Abroad as a Group and Create the Future Together

On September 21st, 2020, in order to actively respond to General Secretary Xi Jinping’s “Belt and Road” initiative, 
promote the global expansion of Chinese stone production technology, help enterprises in countries along the “Belt and Road” to improve their stone industry production technology and assist Chinese stone enterprises in overseas investment, Xiamen Eastern Pegasus Co., Ltd. (henceforth referred to as Eastern Pegasus), China Stone Machinery & Tools Industries Federation (henceforth referred to as the Federation) and Yingke Venseco signed a strategic cooperation agreement in the conference room of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Xiamen Committee, witnessed by You Yuhong, Secretary-General of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Xiamen Committee and Chamber of International Commerce Xiamen, along with Assistant Director Chen Hong of the Business Management Division of China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation Xiamen Branch and leaders from other involved groups.


图片2.pngLi Juncheng, general manager of Eastern Pegasus, brings his own experience in operating overseas markets for many years to provide deep analysis of the development status of the “Belt and Road” stone industry, market opportunities for Chinese stone production technology to go global and opportunities for overseas investment by Chinese stone companies, proposing that the three companies establish a strategic cooperative relationship and leverage their respective resource advantages and business expertise to promote the implementation of overseas National Stone Production Industrial Parks in countries along the “Belt and Road,” paving the way for stone processing equipment and auxiliary materials companies and Chinese stone industry personnel to go overseas. Federation President Li Qunsheng introduced his alliance of some 200 member companies both within China and abroad, boasting a wide range of products and professional production technology advantages. Ye Xiaopei, president of Yingke Venseco, brings a company with a global service network and all-round, one-stop services for enterprises to "go global." Chen Hong, Assistant Director of the Business Management Department of
 China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation Xiamen Branch, introduced their efforts to promote Xiamen enterprises to "go global" and assist enterprises in risk mitigation and other related areas. You Yuhong, Secretary-General of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Xiamen Committee and the Chamber of Internation Commerce Xiamen, introduced the work and service platforms carried out by Council for the Promotion of International Trade Xiamen Committee and Chamber of Internation Commerce Xiamen in promoting two-way trade and investment, actively helping enterprises to "go global." After further in-depth discussions, witnessed by the leaders of the meeting, the three parties, Eastern Pegasus, the Federation and Yingke Venseco, reached a consensus and signed a strategic cooperation agreement.


Eastern Pegasus is responsible for the overall planning of the project, with the Federation providing a strong backing of professional technical support and Yingke Venseco providing a one-stop source for cross-border investment and merger support, company establishment, fiscal and taxation consulting, human resources and professional business services. In line with the goals of the initiative, stated as "Technology First, Win-Win Cooperation, Go Abroad as a Group, Create the Future Together," the three parties resolved to work together to "promote the global utilization of Chinese stone production technology and the joint establishment of overseas National Stone Industrial Parks."